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Ginger Snaps: A Photographic Exploration of Redheads Across England

Charlotte Rushton DiNunzio aims her lens at a very personal issue: What it’s like to have red hair in England today. Having spent most of her youth in the UK, this passion project allowed her to capture and explore the diversity among redheads in her native country. Charlotte’s photojournalistic portraits of redheads all over England show that although they are united by their hair color and a shared experience due to that trait, each is unique—so much more than the sum of the ridiculous comments, absurd assumptions, or cruel treatment they’ve withstood all their lives. “Although we are often teased mercilessly,” says Charlotte, “we usually come out unscathed and embrace this extraordinary hair colour to be our crowning glory. Are we really the laughing stock of the nation, or actually a national treasure? You decide.”